General Željko Glasnović is a Member of Croatian Parliament representing the Croatian diaspora. General Glasnovic was born in Croatia and had spent much of his life living and working in Canada. He returned to Croatia at the outbreak of Croatia’s Homeland War in 1991, joining the Croatian National Guard. He served in the Canadian Army, the French Foreign Legion, the Croatian Army (HV) and the Croatian Defence Council (HVO) and fought in a number wars: The Gulf War, the Croatian Homeland War and the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was elected Member of Parliament in November 2015 and again in new elections held September 2016. (source)
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This is Marinko, who writes that he is from Bjelovar, curses general Glasnović's mother who is deceased and all who vote for him! General Glasnović, together with his twin brother and parents was expelled from his native Zagreb while he was 8 years old by Tito's communists.  In Canada he became a Canadian General, after that he came to Croatia in the 90s together with his brother twin to Gospić where he soon became the Croatian general, from the Croatian Army. He has worked for and earned a pension from the Canadian state, and donates the parliamentary salary to children without both parents
- something which was mentioned by all the media in 2011.Who is Marinko to curse Glasnović's mother and those who vote for him?It is a perfect example of the demented state of mind of Glasnović's opponents and the people we deal with in this country. (source







Side note: General Željko Glasnović is like Gotovina a former legionnaire, unlike the Serbs Arkan and Seselj. Pigs never want to put in the discipline and effort, because that takes actual WORK and a PERSONALITY. 

Extra side note: On December 16, Major Ivan Roso, a 58 years old legionnaire, President of the non-commissioned officers of the Foreign Legion (Président des sous-officiers de la Légion étrangère), left this elite military unit after long 36 years of service. His brother Ante, having also served in the Legion for a long period, became general in the Croatian Army during the Yugoslav Wars in the 1990s. source

Extra extra side note: The Turkish philosopher Kjafii in his book "Nizam ul Alem"("the Order of the World ") writes about Croats as ideal warriors and heroes who despise cowards, and advises his Turks to learn warfare from Croats if they want to win. More than anything he appreciates the Croatian knightly spirit, which will never hurt the unarmed or captured enemy, and the promise given will always be fulfilled.

"Croatians, they are the best soldiers in the world. If I had only 100,000 Croatians, I would conquer the entire world." - Napoleon


The general on twitter, after the corrupt Croatian politicians voted for ratification for the Istanbul Convention and with this, betrayed the whole nation. 
Words of encouragement are given, as "..the children of darkness try to intimidate the children of God. Those wretches are not aware that Christ, our King, has already won..."