Once again anti-christian, anti-Croat communists

Voting in Croatia, politics 2019 example: 231 people alllowed to vote in a municipality, but candidates get 794 votes (source) Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

(source) Politics in Croatia Nowadays is formed by Reformed Communists, Jugofascists, Cetniks and convicted Yugoslav Criminals from Yugoslavia who are creating with help of hyper capitalist and speculator Soroš a new Yugoslavia! Because Yugoslavia is the best system of dictatorship to continue to rob people.

Croatia pays 50,140 retirement allowances for Chetnik terrorists who rebelled and fought against Croatia!

2018> "Although we have a free Croatia for the past 28 years, in the past years, the faithful are ridiculed, bishops mocked, and their words and those of priests twisted. In the state education policy, the justified demands of the Church are ignored. The homeland defenders are humiliated, those who shed blood for this country", said bishop Vlado Košić (Sisak) source 

2018> 42 new indictments for Homeland defenders, while in Gvozda a local Serb threatens with liquidation and rape without consequences, source
HDZ continues to attack veterans and their families, source

We have counted (source) 14 representatives in the parliament and two ministers, all together having 7 thousand, 712 votes, let's say general Glasnovic has 21 thousand votes and had 1 mandate, 14 people alltogether had 3 times less votes than general Glasnovic but have 14 mandates in the Croatian parliament. And then they tell you not go out on the streets but make your voice heard by voting! Riiight.
Gordan Jandroković (HDZ) 808 votes
Darinko Kosor (HSLS) 497 votes
Marija Puh (HNS) 396 votes
Jure Martinović (Nez, was in MOST) 1220 votes
Ivan Pernar (Živi zid) 1775 votes
Igor Dragovan (SDP) 163 votes
Milanka Opačić (SDP) 208 votes
Arsen Bauk (SDP) 345 votes
Gordan Maras (SDP) 540 votes
Goran Beus Richemberg (HNS, Glas) 122 votes
Vlaho Orepić (Nez, was in MOST) 560 votes
Ivan Šuker (HDZ) 315 votes
Bojan Glavašević (SDP) 602 votes
Sabina Glasovac (SDP) 161 votes
Minister of Culture Obuljen 0 votes
Minister Finances Martina Dalić 0 votes

2018 (source) Judge Kolakušić; it can be said that Croatia today is a mafia state. I received evidence of falsified documentation on the desk and all these institutions confirmed.

Heard of the Yugo-myth about successful businessmen in the early 1980s? The Udba & today's tycoons have gained the first millions by money laundering the stolen money which was gained through the dictatorship of Yugoslavia then. This includes the  660 million dollars that the Croatian diaspora donated to Croatia in the war. source


2018>Croatia pays 50,140 retirement allowances for Chetnik terrorists who rebelled and fought against Croatia! They ruined towns and villages and killed, and now Croatia pays pensions! It is shocking that Croatia pays from retirement pensions to the aggressors from the RS Krajina, more than 46,000 in 2015 who have been granted a request for convalidation of pension rights, and today they are paying regular monthly pensions for the Domestic War period, despite their terrorist activities. (source)

In Croatia, over 100,000 aggressors (soldiers) receive pensions! (source

Tko je mogao zamisliti? Nitko. Slave Božić, a zalažu se za abortus, Istanbulsku i provode sporazume koji su protiv obitelji, nacije i nacionalnog identiteta!
 I često te jude pravednima sude! Zbog pozdrava i prvog bijelog polja! source
Vidje Hrvatska puno čuda, al ne nađe štrika za toliko juda

nothing has changed.. source

We owe this to Zoran Milanović (Social Democratic Party of Croatia (SDP) the largest centre-left political party, formerly known as League of Communists) who has, along president Ivo Josipovic (SDP), tried their utmost to avoid the extradition to Germany of former communist Yugoslavia secret police/UDBA operators.
From Andrej Plenković (HDZ -  Croatian Democratic Union) whose father was in the UDBA, you won't have to expect anything else (source)

Andrej Plenković claims (2018) that the Istanbul Convention is deeply Christian. The I.C. is a product of Soros that is trying to erase the differences between men and women and aiming to push paedophilia into schools; it is everything but Christian. Nobody knows who this man is and where he came from (source)

source Plenković's relatives and friends, showing support of a system responsible for more than 100 milions of deaths

Davor Božinović (HDZ) is a Croatian diplomat and Minister of Interior of Croatia, formerly served as Minister of Defence and recently lied about
participants in the march 2018 Anti-Istanbul Convention rally (claimed 5000, were 70000).
He became a minister with 475 votes while 724 votes were not enough for him to enter the city council! If this is not an example of electoral law that needs to changed by a referendum then we do not know what is, even Ivan Iličić (HČSP) has a greater number of voters than the minister of defense Božinović. source

Blaženka Divjak is a Croatian mathematician who has been Minister of Science and Education since 9 June 2017 in the Cabinet of Andrej Plenković, she too, is supporter of the anti-christian Istanbul Convention. This snake also supported a paedophile who, despite the legally valid indictment for sexual abuse of children under the age of 15, still teaches in at least three schools (source)
2019 - Lijepa naša domovino is the national anthem of Croatia. It is often referred to as just "Lijepa naša" (English: "Our Beautiful") in Croatia. Divjak, known for being anti-Croatian, doesn't like children to hear the anthem at schools. (source)

Anka Mrak-Taritaš is a Croatian politician, president of the Civic Liberal Alliance party. Between 2012 and 2016, she had been Minister of Construction and Spatial Planning in the center-left Cabinet of Zoran Milanović. Mrak-Taritaš is president of the Civic Liberal Alliance party. "Ako se ne izglasa Istanbulska konvencija definitivno napuštam Hrvatsku!; if they don't pass the Istanbul Convention I definitely leave Croatia" she said on Radio Antenna. The people rejoiced. 
2019 - in an interview she saiys; in my thoughest moments, I sang partisan songs... (source)

The city of Sisak and social services are giving a cetnik and killer Miljenko Tot 1200 kuna. This man has betrayed his own people and gave names and surnames of Croatian warriors to the aggressors. Nowadays he is an islamic extremist, was given a home by the city of Sisak. The mayor of Sisak being Kristina Ikić Baniček (since 2013), from the SDP (source)
2018> another SDP gem: a pedophile arrested in Zagreb is a young and prospective SDP named Matija Šilobod (source)

(SDP) Damir Krstinić (source) At the same time when Vojislav Seselj announced that he teared up and stamped on the Croatian flag, for which the Croatian pinocchio delegation interrupted it's visit to Belgrade, a similar attitude towards Croatia appeared on social networks by a SPD member. His words as well as Seselj's actual words are not really worth translating as the words are of very primitive nature you normally hear from drunk people or drug addicts. 

Vesna Pusić ( HNS) war criminal Serb Vojislav Šešelj loves the cetnik ancestral line of the Croatian politician HNS Vesna Pusić ... her grandfather was a cetnik leader said Šešelj live on television, adding that with her position and work she is filling her grandfathers shoes. (source)

Ivan Pernar, a Croatian politician who likes to sleep at the sabor (and doesn't pay for public transportation, source, source) and believes Oluja was ethnic cleansing!
That is a disgrace for all those who shed blood to defend their homeland so he could take a piss on it.
Živi zid; a party of lads that have not worked a day in their lives but make promises about employment opportunities.
They also claim to be against foreign powers like Brussels but at the same time did not vote against the ratification of the Istanbul Convention.
The claim is that the party has no ideology. They did not vote against EU's convention, so no ideology, but no stance either against Brussels.

sick! Lidija Kralj,, assistant Minister of Science and Education, defends pedophilia (source)

Predrag Štromar (HNS), a Croatian politician who is currently Minister of Construction and Spatial Planning and Deputy Prime Minister of Croatia, wats to remove monuments for Croatian veterans and forbid the 447 year old slogan za dom spremni source

Milorad Pupovac (ethnic Serb, SDSS) - wants to forbid the use of the 447 year old Croatian slogan 'za dom spremni' and symbols, even when used by the former members of the HOS unit, the defenders of the Homeland War. source  
This Serbian nazi living on Croatian soil is hunting down everyone who speaks badly about Serbs because Lord forbid the people will learn the truth. His aim is to demonize the persons such as veterans who fought against the Serb agressors by publishing the collected crap in English and offer it to the European institutions source
The apple doesn't fall far from the rotten tree, his daughter Tihana Pupovac has become a passionate guardian of Partisan monuments in Croatia. source

Milan Kujundžić is a Croatian politician serving as Minister of Health of Croatia, pro Istanbul Convention supporter source

Goran Beus Richembergh (aka 'Odisej', UDBA) member of GLAS, involved in a car accident where a motorcyclist got injured, Goran did not lift a finger to help the man at all (source)

Marija Pejčinović Burić - a Croatian politician who has been the 14th Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of Croatia and Deputy Prime Minister of Croatia. She has been working for the Serbian Government until recently! How to expect her to oppose Serbian propaganda around Jasenovac and to protect Croatian interests?! source

Communist Milan Bandić; "Dubai is the most beautiful European city" 

2018> waiter is expected to speak 4 languages.. a nominee candidate for the Constitutional Court Judge doesn't even know English; source

Croatia and Israel 2018
> Retired military pilot Ivan Selak: "The lifetime of the airplanes the Israelis have offered us, has already ended", source
Thirty years ago Americans gave Israel their F16 airplanes, and now these same old airplanes are sold for a 'friendly' price (500 million dollars)  to the Yugo-politicans for Croatia who don't mind that the planes are going to be unusable.
If airplanes old 30 years are good, why don't the politicians buy cars older than 10 years?.... insert sarcasm.

The legendary Croatian pilot Ivan Selak who, in spectacular fashion, escaped from the JNA commented on the alleged purchase of combat aircrafts: it is absurd to take 12 Israeli aircrafts that are over 30 years old; source

Croatia and Russia 2018
> Croatia expelling Russian diplomats, an absurd move thinks the majority of the Croatian people. Great Britain historically has been Croatia's biggest enemy Croatia since the end of the 18th century, explains Admiral Davor Domazet-Lošo, a Croatian writer, geopolitician and retired admiral of the Croatian Navy source . By expelling the Russians, we show a vascular attitude towards England that has always been against Croatia source
Andrej Plenković with this action, as well as concerning the Istanbul Convention, showed he aboslutely has nothing in common with the Croatian people, their heritage, and has shown zero knowledge of geopolitics, christianity or history.

Crimes of Britain - The genocide in Ireland was no natural disaster, but a man made conquest of war

Pensions paid to partisans by the government while the homeland defenders have nothing to eat! (source)

2018 Minister of Culture (Croatia) Nina Obuljen Koržinek 
and Serbian terorist Čulibrk will open a
Serbian cetnik church in London with Croatian money!

This disgusting creature is aiming to get UDBA archives closed (source)








Commemoration to the late general of the Croatian Army Petar Stipetić seems to be a laughing matter for some (source)
Gotovina is aware of the situation in Croatia, the raped women who are mocked by their Serbian perpetrators in their own country etc., but he feels the need not to mention any of this, but to call upon the Serbs who fled Croatia to come back to Croatia source

Damir Krstičević (party HDZ) Croatian general and politician, who served as Minister of Defence and Deputy Prime Minister of Croatia, in the front row in church 

but meanwhile supporter of the Istanbul Convention, that wants to bring paedophilia into schools and want to wipe out the differences between male and female.



Branimir Glavaš  (party HDSSB), supporter as well for the Istanbul convention. source, freemason 



Zvonko Čapko (HSP) is an example of the UDBA injecting itself in pro-Croatian parties. source
Andrija Mikulić (HDZ) source



Against: Milijan Brkić , Davor Ivo Stier, Ivana Maletić , Miro Kovač, Darko Milinović and Anton Kliman
Absent: Goran Marić, Damir Jelić, Ivan Anušić, Zlatko Ževrnja and Zvonko Milas.
For: Andrej Plenković, Oleg Butković, Tomislav Tolušić, Tomislav Čuljak, Darko Horvat, Josip Bilaver, Gordan Jandroković, Branko Bačić, Nada Murganić, Mario Kapulica, Miljenko Filipović, Andrija Mikulić, Božídar Longin, Pero Ćosić, Željko Turk, Damir Krstičević, Gabrijela Žalac