On April 4, 1968, in the presence of Tadija "Ted" Pavich (who had spent fifteen years in Tito's prisons), Father Peter Topic (who had fled from Tito's troops in 1945), and a local California Republican assemblyman, Gov. Reagan signed a proclamation honoring Croatia's prior independence:

"Whereas Croatia is presently subjugated to force and terror by Yugoslavia which has prevented the election of representatives to the Sabor and has deprived Croatians of the basic human rights of self-determination, free elections, economy, culture, religion, and even language ..."
Reagan added that some 150,000 Americans of Croatian descent were living in California and were "always maintaining their vigilance against Communist aggression." Reagan then proclaimed April 10, 1968, as Croatian Independence Day and invited "all citizens to give renewed devotion to the just aspirations of all people for national independence and human liberty." source