2018> "You all need to be thrown in a deep pit" - is how Sandra Uranjek Varga from Osijek threatens on Facebook to welcome all opponents of the Istanbul Convention (source

On her Facebook profile of Sandra Uranjek Varge it can be seen that she (as well as her husband Goran Varga, who works for Croatian Radiotelevision HRT) is an advocate of communism, Tito and former Yugoslavia. It also says that she is a teacher, which means she is in the possibility to poison children's minds with her ideology.

On the picture right she is posing with communist politician Zoran Milanović (who had tried utmost to avoid the extradition to Germany of former communist Yugoslavia secret police/UDBA operators)

And what exactly is the Istanbul Convention? It's a product of Soros that is trying to erase the differences between men and women and aiming to push paedophilia into schools. 

Sandra is a perfect example of the enemies within Croatia. Oneducated on the history subject? Or just downright evil? If you are aware that civilians and POWS were thrown in deep pits by communists, than you surely are not uneducated on the subject/your ideology but downright evil. 

Pictures of Huda Jama


2016 - Neven Kovačić attacks 79 year old catholic activist ((president of the Croatian Movement for Life and Family) dr. Ružica Ćavar (source). This beast is also a supporter of the Istanbul convention.


On 24.03.2018 a massive protest was held in Zagreb against the Istanbul Convention. source

Index.hr broadcasted the protest live (and pretended it was a small not worthwhile mentioning rally (of more than 70.000people!)).

First spoke Marija Vukačin, the mother of six children, then behind her Marija Burazer, a pharmacist, then Marija Petričević, an architect.

During the speech by Marija Petričević, David Janjić from Rijeka commented the participants should be blown up and not reproduce source

avid's call for violence was liked by 3 women;




Mirela Mirpi Pindjak (Zagreb) pic left, Dubravka Jovanić (Zagreb), center pic, and Uti Mihelić (supporter of the anti-Croat Domagoj Margetić), right picture


This partisan and IC supporter (woman on picture) threatened the protesters with liquidation,
when questioned by the police she replied she said 'death to fascism',
was not arrested eventhough there were multiple witnesses. The police instead pushed the protesters. source


Known "cultural" neoliberalism of the multi-cult antifa at work. Their logic: Who is not with us and does not share our opinions, need to be thrown in a mass grave ...
"The fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists"



Rada Borić, proud partisan that fights for women's rights and the Istanbul Convention, under the symbol of a five-pointed star with which the partisans killed tens of thousands of innocent women, imprisoned in the mines without air and food, killed their children, killed the women of Vukovar, Škabrnje ... and now they would protect the Croats from violence. Riiight.

LGBT supporters lied and deceived the bishops from the church in Dubrovnik and used the church to take whorish pictures to provoke the church and Christians who are against the Istanbul Convention. The sickest part perhaps that the two Serbian women who came to Croatia to defile it, are mother and daughter! The daughter was actually filming and taking pictures of her own mother this way!! source

emember the pussy riot feminists? Also desecrated a church. Why do feminists feel the need to show their breasts, do you see men showing their balls when they protest? Just sick.

All Croatian bishops unanimously called on parliamentarians not to support the Istanbul Convention. 
Not a surprise, not long after windows of a church were smashed. Typical paganism. source

Why would you smash buildings, desecrate holy places where people find solace if you do not agree on something?
That is the true face of fascism, "The fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists."

Just like we persecute the church more than politicians or law firms who had a paedohile among them, simply because it's the church who suppose to protect it's people,
the same way it's more horrible for females to support the pro-paedophilia convention because you expect all women to have materal instincts. 

On other portals you could clearly see (source, example) that a lot of wanna-be models women like Donna Dodig, Popic Marija, Ivana Maršić are uneducated about the subject. What they have in common is narcissism, a modern day disease. Create a female account and see how many male requests you will get within a short period of time telling you how beautiful you are. It's not rocket science or a serious achievement. 

2018 May - man throws beer on the referendrum - anti/Istanbul stand and then attacks the woman (voluteer) source  Interesting how all these supporters use violence against women, aren't they suppose to be against violence against women??