Croats: the people that inspired Cassiodorus, Napoleon, Dante, George Bernard Shaw, the birthplace of Marko Polo and St. Jerome, a nation derived from that of a people called Croats (Hrvat, Chrobatos) i.e. "the nation ready to defend its home and rights"(ZA DOM SPREMNI!> a salute 447 years old!) and given the honorary title Antemurale Christianitatis in 1519. Heroes, inventors, saints, artists, teachers and the only people who preserved their roots 6500 years.
Aloysius Stepinac "Love for one's own nation must not turn a man into a wild animal, which destroys everything and calls for reprisal, but it must enrich him, so that his own nation respects and loves other nations."The Croatian language is one of the oldest languages in the world Croatians have been exceptional soldiers from the very beginning of their history when Emperor Heraclius invited them as foederati to defeat the Avars in what is present day Croatia. Turkish archives write about the Croatians giving the fiercest resistance. (Croats arrived at the beginning of the 7th century in present day Croatia)

The Croatians endured the greatest burden of all the nations.

"On the last day of the Creation God desired to crown his work, and thus created the Kornati Islands out of tears, stars and breath". - Irish Nobel Prize of Literature winner George Bernard Shaw


Dante Alighieri was in Croatia and his guide was Bishop Augustin Kazotic. He placed Croatians in a special category

picture right: The Sinjska Alka, a knights' tournament in Sinj that commemorates a victory over Ottomans (1715) in which Sinj was defended with around 700 Christian locals against 60,000 Ottoman muslim soldiers


Croatia. Antemurale Christianitatis. From the Catholic Encyclopedia; The name Croatia is derived from that of a people called Croats (Hrvat, Chrobatos) i.e. "the nation ready to defend its home and rights", known as "White Croatia" or "Great Croatia" (Velika Hrvatska). Antemurale Christianitatis ('the bastion of Christianity'), a phrase that dates back to the Mediaeval Crusades at the beginning of the Ottoman invasion. Indicating that they and their ancestors have successfully protected, and still protect, the borders of Europe against intruding forces 'from the East'.

The honorary title Antemurale Christianitatis was given to Croatia by Pope Leon X in 1519

"Croatians, they are the best soldiers in the world. If I had only 100,000 Croatians, I would conquer the entire world." - Napoleon
Napoleon's general, a Croat, click here

Some Facts

Louis Cukela (Vjekoslav Lujo Čukela), was awarded both the Navy and Army Medals of Honor for extraordinary heroism in France 1918 during World War I. He was the only living man to hold two such decorations for extreme bravery in a single war.
Two Croatian names appear on the map of the Moon: the name of Rudjer Boskovic was given to a mountain on the visible side, and the name of A. Mohorovicic to a mountain on the dark side of the Moon
Did you know that the Balkans are also the location of the first advanced civilizations? ...
Or that Croatian weddings have traditions that stretch back for hundreds of years such as waving the Croatian flag
Did you know that one of the greatest world travelers, Marko Polo, was born in 1254 on the island of Korcula?

That King Arthur, named Lucius Artorius Castus, was Croat and his sarcophagus and the memorial plaque is found nearby Split
Croatia invented the tie. The word "croata" can be found in many languages as the root of words meaning "tie" or "cravat". Cravats were developed from Croatian mercenaries honored by Louis XIV in France during the 17th century. It was not until early 19th century that the cravat achieved the height of fashion in France and England. The French called it 'cravate', French for Croat or Croatian. The word "cravat," lost its French final "e" when it crossed to England.


Croatia is the birthplace of St. Jerome (Štrigova in northern Croatia). St. Paul the Apostole is the heavenly protector of Mljet Island (he was shipwrecked on the shore). The Croatian language is one of the oldest languages in the world (Croats arrived at the beginning of the 7th century in present day Croatia). They never colonized and never took part in any slave trade. They always defended their own. Bog i Hrvati (God and the Croats).

The Turkish philosopher Kjafii in his book "Nizam ul Alem"("the Order of the World") writes about Croats as ideal warriors and heroes who despise cowards, and advises his Turks to learn warfare from Croats if they want to win. More than anything he appreciates the Croatian knightly spirit, which will never hurt the unarmed or captured enemy, and the promise given will always be fulfilled. "Croatians, they are the best soldiers in the world. If I had only 100,000 Croatians, I would conquer the entire world." - Napoleon

Croatia's soil is soaked with blood of CHRISTIAN saints. The biggest persecutions ever in history against Christians took place there. Therefore there always should be zero tolerance against disrespect for the Christian faith on this holy soil ~ seen like nowhere else in the world. Croatia is a christian country, where many warriors and saints have died on this holy soil to defend their homeland. In 1945 Yugoslav Partizans killed 66 Franciscans for no other reason than to demoralize the nation by killing the lambs of Christ, read more Did you know that Arabs buy property from Croatian traitors? One recently bought soil to build a mosque. They also visit pages like this a lot, greedy eyes wanting that which is not theirs - once again - and tring to force a demonic cult which has given the world nothing but misery.

The Southern Central European nation of Croatia is NOT not Eastern (and not Balkan)! It is Southern EU. The term Balkan is bound for Ottoman Empire. Croatia was not under the Ottoman Empire. East Europe is Turkey, Greece.. not Croatia. Neither geo or historically is Croatia Balkan. Croatia is not Balkan (and never been), the Serbian geographer (in 19th century) popularized that term. Croatia is at the crossroads of Central Europe, Southeast Europe, and the Mediterranean.

It will be hard for the nation to participate in democracy games, the system that picked Barabas over Jesus. Unholy weasels once again dominate the Croatian political arena; if they bother to show up at all. Many war crimes committed in Croatia during Serb (and muslim) aggression in the 1990s (Homeland war) are still unpunished. During this war, Bishop Komarica's diocese fell under Serbian control. In the Diocese of Banja Luka, 98% of churches and a third of other church property was destroyed, at least 400 were killed, including seven priests and nun.
In 2018, the Christian nation; the people along with veterans, bishops, friars, nuns etc protested against the perverted Istanbul Convention, a misleading treaty (as if countries cannot act on the abuse matter without a treaty) that promotes gender ideology and paedophilia. Due to the support of the church, churches were attacked. The most heard argument in attacking the church is that it is a paedophile organization. Now think about this first; Jesus Christ only had 12 disciples, yet he was betrayed by one. Now imagine thousands of disciples. What are the chances that they are all real Christians? Very slim to none. But... what concerns Croatia; the Croatian Pedophile Register has 1480 people of various professions. There are only 4 priests there, the rest are professors and judges, lawyers and actors and politicians, 40 of them women.
It is worse when a priest does it, and worse when a woman does it, as we expect from a Christian to protect a child and from a woman to have a maternal instinct.

"Hrvat je pjesnik, Hrvat je vitez, Hrvat je romantični revolucionar i buntovnik. Hrvatu su čast i dana riječ svetinje, Hrvat od svega najviše prezire kukavičluk, dvoličnost i prijetvornost."

picture left: 2018 Mass protests against a misleading treaty that opens the door for the anti-Christian gender ideology and paedophilia

The biggest persecution ever in history on Christians took place from A.D. 303 to 311 by the pagan Diocletian. The soil in Split is soaked with the blood of many saints such as St. Agnes of Rome, St. George etc

Croats (Hrvat, Chrobatos) i.e. "the nation ready to defend its home and rights"(za dom spremni)
A nation that has vast historic monuments dating 9th century AD


Ocean Cleanup - Croatian-Dutch Entrepreneur Launches Project to Clean World's Oceans, read more

The commemoration of Bleiburg massacres pays respect to 10.000 Croats who fled from the communists (1945), only to be turned back from Austria by the British military to walk the Way of the Cross to their brutal death by the hand of the communists/'antifascists'.

left Monument for the Croatian soldiers who were victims of muslim led crimes 1993-1994
right 'Croatian Leonidas' Nikola Šubić Zrinski saved Pest with only 400 Croatian soldiers and in 1566 in the Siege of Szigetvár resisting 100,000 Ottoman soldiers Already a beloved, heroic figure among his people, this lifelong soldier had fought countless battles in his 58 years of life, many of them against overwhelming odds. He drew his sword, held it high, and declared his intention to fight to the last: “Let us go out from this burning place into the open and stand up to our enemies. Who dies, he will be with God. Who dies not, his name will be honored. I will go first, and what I do, you do as well. And God as my witness – I will never leave you, my brothers and knights!”

Soldier Praying in by Serbs destroyed church, Homeland War

Once upon a time there was a great Frankish king named Charlemagne, also known as "Pater Europae". This great king met a fair lady named Hildegard also known as "Hildegard of the Vinzgau" They had a son named Louis. Louis commonly known as "Louis the Pious", "Louis the Fair" or "Louis the Debonaire". Louis became friend with Borna, a croat from Dalmatia. Together with forces from Italy, Carinthia & Bavaria they waged a war against Ljudevit, Liudewitus, often also Ljudevit Posavski. They defeated him and made Borna the first Duke of Dalmatia in 819AD and Duke of Dalmatia and Liburnia in 821AD. Borna later became known as "The White Croatian Duke", "Duke of Dalmatian Croats" or "the Dalmatian King. This great tale occurred a hundred years before the events of the great and famous king Tomislav, latin: Tamisclaus. The earliest mention of the Croatian name as Horovathos can be traced on two stone inscriptions in Greek language and script, dating from around the year 200, found by the Black Sea (more precisely in the seaport Tanais on the Azov sea, Krim). See also celtic burials in Croatia..

2018 - Lighting torches and applauding, tens of thousands of people on Tuesday bid an emotional farewell to Oliver Dragojević, the late Croatian singer who was also adored throughout the former Yugoslavia for his songs celebrating love and the Adriatic Sea. Quote of Oliver: there is no money in the world for which I would sing in the country (Serbia) that has done so much evil in my Croatia.

More Facts

Eduard Slavoljub Penkala invented the ballpoint pen and the first fountain pen
The Croatian Jesuits had a great role in mother Theresa's spiritual development. Indeed, Fr. Franjo Jambrekovic, a Croatian Jesuit and parish priest at Skopje, had a profound influence on Mother Teresa during her childhood. As her spiritual Father, he fostered her vocation. She continued to carry on correspondence with him when she lived in India. She also nurtured a deep friendship with Fr. Ante Gabric in India, and talked to him in Croatian.
That Faust Vrancic invented the parachute
Rudjer Boskovic, (Croatian Jesuit) philosopher and scientist, inventor of the achromatic telescope
Andrija Mohorovicic, seismologist, discovered the 'Moho' discontinuity named after him
Marin Drzic was a comedy writer, one of the main influences on Shakespeare
Juraj Dalmatinac was the inventor of prefabricated buildings with stone slabs
Great Antonio Baričević was the worlds first strongman
After the Germans and the Russians, Croats were the third to have opera in Europe
That Nikola Tesla was a Croatian-Serb? Tesla was born in Croatia, raised in Croatia and graduated in Rakovac, Croatia. Tesla was proud of his Croatian motherland and Serbian descent. When his mother died in 1892, he paid a visit to Croatian capital Zagreb, and gave a lecture about alternating current. On that occasion Tesla said: "As a son of my homeland, I feel it is my duty to help the city of Zagreb in every respect with my advice and work"

Slobodan Praljak, convicted of crimes he did not commit, chose to commit suicide like the old samurai warriors did to defend their honor.
In this honorless world, this act was mocked and turned into memes.

left: R.I.P. Mile Krajina (c. 1923 - 15 October 2014) was a noted gusle player from Croatia, who sang traditional folk songs. He was known for referring to current topics in his songs and for his performances within the scope of political rallies or commemorations, such as those for the Bleiburg tragedy.
right: Singer and Homeland veteran Marko Perković Thompson

The world's fastest electric car is made in Croatia. Croatian carmaker Rimac Automobili apparently couldn't contain itself; it just pulled the digital veil off a car that the company claims is the fastest production electric vehicle in the world. Not only is that fast by, say, Tesla standards, that's fast by any standard. source

Around 1680 - a Croatian virgin did not want to marry an Ottoman, next day he returned with 20 soldiers and killed her with a knife. Because that's what perverted demon worshippers do

IX. Bojna HOS-a "Rafael Vitez Boban" (monument in Split)
this monument has been destroyed so many times it even had to remove the 447 year old salute za dom spremni due to communist pressure


Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipović, One of the greatest heavyweights in mixed martial arts history.

Cro Cop, short for "Croatian Cop", comes from his membership in Croatia's elite Police Special Forces tactical unit.

 Stipe Miočić : "Sve titule prvaka i pobjede bi zamijenio za jedan spašeni život!" Stipe Miočić (I would trade all victores for a saved life, says Stipe Miocic the fire fighter)

One of the most endangered animal species in Croatia is the Eurasian lynx (Lynx Lynx) whose extremely small population is on the edge of extinction in our and neighbouring countries. info: Plitvice Lakes National Park






WK 2018 Zlatko Dalić is a retired Croatian footballer and football coach who is currently manages the Croatia national team. He has a strong faith, always keeps the rosary with him and thanks God for all his accomplishments. This is a wonderful man, coach of a wonderful team, click here to see the Croatian champs singing

Zlatko Dalić; "We did not play for ourselves. We played for your family, for You, for Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in diaspora, and especially for the Homeland defenders, because if it had not been for them, we would not have had the checkerboard on our jerseys" (aka there would not have been a Croatia!) Luka Modric has won the 2018 World Cup Golden Ball award and been declared the best player of the entire tournament, he was named Best Fifa Footballer of the Year




On April 4, 1968, in the presence of Tadija "Ted" Pavich (who had spent fifteen years in Tito's prisons), Father Peter Topic (who had fled from Tito's troops in 1945), and a local California Republican assemblyman, Gov. Reagan signed a proclamation honoring Croatia's prior independence:

"Whereas Croatia is presently subjugated to force and terror by Yugoslavia which has prevented the election of representatives to the Sabor and has deprived Croatians of the basic human rights of self-determination, free elections, economy, culture, religion, and even language ..."
Reagan added that some 150,000 Americans of Croatian descent were living in California and were "always maintaining their vigilance against Communist aggression." Reagan then proclaimed April 10, 1968, as Croatian Independence Day and invited "all citizens to give renewed devotion to the just aspirations of all people for national independence and human liberty." source

"Irish Braveheart" Thomas Crowley

French Volunteer Jean-Michel Nicollier

Godsend Heroes

The Homeland War is the war fought by the Croatian people in defence of the Croatian state against the aggression brought in 1990 by the joint Greater Serbian forces: Serbian extremists in Croatia, the Yugoslav National Army (JNA) (which was gradually transformed into the Serbian army), and Serbia and Montenegro.

After the Homeland war in the 90s Serbs immediately came back and try to destroy Croatia from within again. Voting for perversion, destruction of Croat culture and even trying to get their own elected as mayor in Vukovar! Serbia's Seselj could not wait after release to burn Croatia's flag.


Street art - Croatia murals - honoring heroes

2018, March, Bad Blue Boys and Torcida honoring Milka Zadro, mother and grandmother of the legendary Vukovar defenders Blago and Robert Zadro, who died at the age 98. These supporters of the two Croatian football clubs always do things like this. They are there, when they are needed. They are too, responsible for the murals so that heroes are not forgotten.

Najljepša ljubavna fotografija iz Domovinskog rata/ loveliest picture from the Homeland War, Valentinovo u Osijeku, Povratak "Gromova" iz operacije "Oluja" i susret Marijana i Ire Horvat.

".... There are values that we live for. There were people that we will never forget. And there are dreams that we will never give up. Because this country was made, our Croatia, on the blood and suffering of this generation, victorious generation!" - Marko Perković Thompson


When you remove God from your land you remove His protection & favor as well: the Croats never went into war to steal land or goods (robbed or plundered), they only defended theirs like David vs Goliath.

Bog - obitelj - domovina (used slogan: God - Family - Homeland)
"Za Dom Spremni" (For Home - Ready) has been known throughout the whole of the Croatian history, from the times of Nikola Subic Zrinski (1556 - 1566)

Croatian legionnaires.. Ivan Roso, now that's a man with balls! When you look at the amount of foreign volunteers (former legionnaires) in the Croatian War of Independence for example, the legionnaire does not seem to stop fighting just because his paycheck stops.

General Željko Glasnović is a Member of Croatian Parliament representing the Croatian diaspora. General Glasnovic was born in Croatia and had spent much of his life living and working in Canada. He returned to Croatia at the outbreak of Croatia's Homeland War in 1991, joining the Croatian National Guard. He served in the Canadian Army, the French Foreign Legion, the Croatian Army (HV) and the Croatian Defence Council (HVO) and fought in a number wars: The Gulf War, the Croatian Homeland War and the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was elected Member of Parliament in November 2015 and again in new elections held September 2016.

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ICTY (International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia)> Since the (one of many!) war criminal Seselj was free to walk and Praljak sentenced, it is obvious that no justice is to be found in that puppet show. There is no justice to be found either with a corrupt government in Croatia. So the least one can do is to document and collect. 
The Homeland war in Croatia did not end. It has stopped by the use of weapons, but continued with spreading lies and disinformation. The majority of war criminals still walk free, some even work in the Croatian police. There is no respect for the Homeland defenders, the veterans, who are committing suicide at an alarming rate. 
Anti-Croat policies are being installed to destroy the love for a mans nation (patriotism), soil is being sold, history is being falsified and rules are being enforced by politicians the people did not even vote on. 

There is no justice neither freedom in Croatia as long as Serbian criminals and Yugoslavs are in the government of the Republic of Croatia and in the State Parliament.


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TAKE NOTE: This is not a website designed to attack Serbs as a people. There have been Serbs that fought on the side of the Croats. 
And 20.000 Serbs who fled Croatia during the homeland war and did not want to participate in acts of injustice and cruelty who went back to Serbia would not be welcomed with open arms, but were tortured till death, put in camps, tied to trees with a stone around their neck etc. 
In a pro-Gotovina rally at the Hague, the Netherlands, a Serb man held high the Croatian flag. He married a Croatian woman. He fled the war and took care of a Croatian woman with her children. 
And for the pussies who are now pooping the above should be ignored; shame on you for letting rapists and war criminals roam the Croat streets freely. For all you have are words, you lack of actions which is a great dishonor. 

Also to not forget: Serbia is one of the countries who offered help when muslims kipnapped and killed the nation's beloved Tomislav Salopek.

Look at the pig next to Salopek, his presence alone shows this is a demon worshipper, not a compassionate saint and not an
intelligent rocket scientist. Human garbage ready to slaughter an innocent man due to lack of working braincells and a soul.