"Irish Braveheart" Thomas Crowley

French Volunteer Jean-Michel Nicollier

Godsend Heroes

The Homeland War is the war fought by the Croatian people in defence of the Croatian state against the aggression brought in 1990 by the joint Greater Serbian forces: Serbian extremists in Croatia, the Yugoslav National Army (JNA) (which was gradually transformed into the Serbian army), and Serbia and Montenegro.

After the Homeland war in the 90s Serbs immediately came back and try to destroy Croatia from within again. Voting for perversion, destruction of Croat culture and even trying to get their own elected as mayor in Vukovar! Serbia's Seselj could not wait after release to burn Croatia's flag.


Street art - Croatia murals - honoring heroes

2018, March, Bad Blue Boys and Torcida honoring Milka Zadro, mother and grandmother of the legendary Vukovar defenders Blago and Robert Zadro, who died at the age 98. These supporters of the two Croatian football clubs always do things like this. They are there, when they are needed. They are too, responsible for the murals so that heroes are not forgotten.

Najljepša ljubavna fotografija iz Domovinskog rata/ loveliest picture from the Homeland War, Valentinovo u Osijeku, Povratak "Gromova" iz operacije "Oluja" i susret Marijana i Ire Horvat.

".... There are values that we live for. There were people that we will never forget. And there are dreams that we will never give up. Because this country was made, our Croatia, on the blood and suffering of this generation, victorious generation!" - Marko Perković Thompson


When you remove God from your land you remove His protection & favor as well: the Croats never went into war to steal land or goods (robbed or plundered), they only defended theirs like David vs Goliath.

Bog - obitelj - domovina (used slogan: God - Family - Homeland)
"Za Dom Spremni" (For Home - Ready) has been known throughout the whole of the Croatian history, from the times of Nikola Subic Zrinski (1556 - 1566)

Croatian legionnaires.. Ivan Roso, now that's a man with balls! When you look at the amount of foreign volunteers (former legionnaires) in the Croatian War of Independence for example, the legionnaire does not seem to stop fighting just because his paycheck stops.

General Željko Glasnović is a Member of Croatian Parliament representing the Croatian diaspora. General Glasnovic was born in Croatia and had spent much of his life living and working in Canada. He returned to Croatia at the outbreak of Croatia's Homeland War in 1991, joining the Croatian National Guard. He served in the Canadian Army, the French Foreign Legion, the Croatian Army (HV) and the Croatian Defence Council (HVO) and fought in a number wars: The Gulf War, the Croatian Homeland War and the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was elected Member of Parliament in November 2015 and again in new elections held September 2016.