Dobrica Ćosić, writer, member of SANU (Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts), former president of the Serbian state, "father of the Serbian nation", wrote the following:

- "We lie to deceive ourselves, to exert another; We lie from compassion, lie in shame, to encourage ourselves, to hide our misery, lie about honesty. We lie for freedom. Lie is a form of Serbian patriotism and confirmation of our innate intelligence. We lie creatively, imaginatively, inventively. "

- "Lie is a Serbian state interest."
- "The lie is in the very essence of the Serbs".
- "In this country every lie in the end becomes true."
- "The Serbs have rescued themselves in history so many times with lies ..."

("Mi lažemo da bismo obmanuli sebe, da utešimo drugoga; lažemo iz samilosti, lažemo iz stida, da ohrabrimo, da sakrijemo svoju bedu, lažemo zbog poštenja. Lažemo zbog slobode. Laž je vid srpskog patriotizma i potvrda naše urođene inteligencije. Lažemo stvaralački, maštovito, inventivno". Dobrica Ćosić, 'otac srpske nacije')

(source) 2018 Goran Ješić, the Vice President of the Democratic Party in Serbia tweeted: "No one hates us, despite ethnic cleansing, we killed, bombarded cities, raped and exalt Mladic and Arkan's daughter...." A female journalist responded with "to admit that some members of our people have committed crimes is a way to healing .." > recognizing crimes is the first step.

One of the Serbian-Yugoslav mythology and lies is that dictator Tito and the Partisans liberated Split from the Italians after the 'Kingdom of the SHS' led by the Serbs Milenko Vesnićem gave the pieces of Croatia to the Kingdom of Italy. In this video clip you see that NDH 1944 has returned all occupied parts of Croatia! see video here, click

September 1991 Belgrade: Serbian women throwing flowers in front of Tito's JNA cetnik tanks on their way to Croatia to destroy Vukovar. 

In 1940, Croatian Aloysius Stepinac (a cardinal of the Catholic Church, as well as Archbishop of Zagreb from 1937 until his death in 1960) had told Prince Paul: "The most ideal thing would be for the Serbs to return to the faith of their fathers, that is, to bow the head before Christ's representative, the Holy Father. Then we could at last breathe in this part of Europe, for Byzantinism has played a frightful role in the history of this part of the world."
Serbs are not Christians. Christians would never kill nuns and priests, rape women and children and destroy churches, that is a pagan thing.

> Istanbul convention article 3f: "women” includes girls under the age of 18. Children are not women! In 2013, Serbia became the 8th member state of the Council of Europe to ratify the Istanbul Convention. In 2016, 14 Member States have have already ratified the Istanbul Convention, such as Sweden, Holland and Belgium. No protest was held. At all.

Wherever a Serb sets foot, no matter which country (Macedonia, Bosnia etc), he proclaims it is Serbia. sourcesourcesource
2018 - A group of 30 Serbian cetnik hooligans threw with bottles through the center of Zagreb (Croatia) screaming "This is Serbia!" 

And listen to this .... Spartans, Germans, Jesus Christ, they are all Serbs according to Serbian academic Jovan Deretić, source

(source excerpts)2018> 'Masonry supports the monstrous state of Serbia that causes chaos in the region
The monstrous state of Serbia began to develop between the Balkan and the First World War in this form that has developed today. A state built upon a myth of the Serbian church. To this day, that church is evil, and does not acknowledge other people and their countries. They spread hate in all the countries of the region and stands behind robbery and looting of the territories.
Today's Serbia is the evil that released criminal Milosević into the world who started plundering, killing and abducting territory. SAD, EU and Russia cemented the evil by recognizing Republika Srpska. After that, the criminal Seselj was released due to an alleged illness. Such a precedent does not exist in history. And now, the criminal crime squad is in Serbia together.
Let us take a general look at the national composition of the main criminals on behalf of Serbia; Dačić, Brnabić, Šešelj, Dodik (Pupovac co-worker of the criminal organization), Strbac, Linta.

What's happened over the last two years? Serbian politician Ivanović was killed in Kosovo, who opposed the policies of the Serbian elite. His murder was supposed to trigger a war on Kosovo. And Vucic tried to put an assassination attempt on himself, another attempt to cause a war conflict…......
...All this is from the moment when masonry has divided the historical Croatian territory into invented nations and created a nation of greed and evil.
The Serbian church is synonymous with pedophilia, thievery, clergy, and prominent priests are actually prominent terrorists. All this is tolerated by Europe, creating a crime state in the middle of the Union.
In Crna Gora, the Serbian church and the cetniks are in front of a civil war. The Serbian church does not recognize the Macedonian church. They believe that it is South Serbia. The Macedonians were torn away from Bulgaria and through the Serbian communists the Macedonian language was invented in 1944, as well as the Bosnian language in order cut off the Croats in favor of Serbia.
Serbs live on the lies made up by the British about the great battle in the Kosovo field. The Serbian defense of Europe from the Turks? A Lie. Lazar was killed in Kosovo who was not an emperor but Trpimirović’s vassal. The state of the latter was part of the Croatian kingdom. The Serbs betrayed the Christians in Nikopolja and stood by the side of the Turks.

With such corruption in the Union, and with the American and Russian misguided strategy, Serbia will always be the diabolical presence that will sooner or later cause a great war in Europe. That is why, for Croatia, HDZ and SDP followers/politicians like Pernar who co-operate with cetniks are very dangerous, who worship Serbian politics and their evil church. They, and corruption, enable the penetration of this crime state into Croatian territory.' (source)

The Serbian state reminds a lot of Israel. Within Israel there are anti-zionists, just like not every single Serbs is diabolical. Like one Serbian man (that helped a Croatian family in this war) said, supporting the Ante Gotovina demonstration in 2006 at the Hague "you cannot be a great Serb or a great Croat if you are not a great man first". 

At the top of the Serbian Orthodox Church there are no "straight angels and good Christians", but war criminals, pedophiles and rapists (source)

2017 (source) Serb Aleksandar Bogojević, head of the Serbian monastery in Krka; drunkenness, destruction of the Croatian coat of arms (this occured in 2010) and death threats, sang songs about killing Croats. Threatened with the murder of journalist Željko Huljev, given 6 months jail (source, source) Look at the cross around his neck, it's nothing else than mockery. That is not a Christian church but pure blasphemy.
In 1991 Serbs attacked a church in Croatia that was built in 1805, source

Serbian orthodox priest Predrag Živković threw a molotov cocktail at a house of Croat in Knin. First got drunk in a bar and then threw the molotov because he was annoyed by the  Croatian coat of arms. (At that house, along the road, a large Croatian coat of arms was highlighted) source

Aleksandar Vulin, a Serbian lawyer and politician. Claims the Homeland war was a civil war. It was a just Homeland War against a brutal Greater Serbian aggression, no civil war!

Aleksandar Vučić, Serbian politician, claims Karlovac, Virovitica and Ogulin are Serbian countries (source)

 Serbian Orthodox Church> antichrists.

 2018> Trump's chief general Tom Cotton on Europe: Russians use the Serbs most for the disinformation in the Balkans,see video

2018 (source) Serbia, who marked the Army Day, in Novi Sad has proudly exhibited its tanks whose pipes were directed to the Catholic Cathedral, pointing towards the church main enterance. If anyone still thinks Serbia is a christian country should get his head examined. This same nation destroyed hundreds of churches in the '90s in Croatia.