Corrupt Politicians & Media, EU, abuse of power and betrayal of a nation

After more than two and a half decades nothing has changed. Using the same Yugoslav KOS and Udba principles and models as before making up an integral part of government in the Republic of Croatia, Croatia is still being destroyed from within. The war did not end, the only difference is that there are no bullets being fired.

CROATIA SAID NO! On 24.03.2018 (and on 13.04.2018) the Croatian people said NO to the Istanbul Convention, 'Let's Preserve Our Children and Homeland of Pedophilia and Satanism! (see video) in Zagreb."Our estimates are that currently there are 50-70 thousand people at the protest", said the police. After orders from the government, the number was changed into 5000, A LIE which would be repeated by the media. Read more 

Croatia's Homeland War, the aftermath of JNA/Serbian aggression

The 'Greater-Serbian Aggression' (Croatia's 'Homeland War' (Domovinski rat)) in Croatia from 1991 to 1995 was 
NOT A 'CIVIL WAR'. It was a just Homeland War against a brutal Greater Serbian aggression.

Quote Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s former prime minister about the Homeland War: the West should recognize the independence of Croatia against communist Serbia. It was not just ″a civil war between two groups"

What do the people want? ABOLITION! LUSTRATION! Lustration is not a witch hunt but a democratic legal process of removing former communist officials and associates of secret services from public and political life. 

156 mass graves discovered
16.000 people killed 
37.000 wounded
10.000 children became parentless
20.000 - 50.000 children/women raped
260.000 Croats displaced
30.000 people passed in Serbian cetnik camps 
37.000 war invalids
122 Catholic churches destroyed
14 hospitals destroyed or severly damaged around 200.000 objects
1.5 million shells fired on Vukovar (video)

Many war crimes have not been punished. The war damage of 32 billion euro has not been paid. And nearly 2,000 Croatian Homeland War veterans have committed suicide. The evidence of war crimes, human rights violations and crimes against humanity is overwhelming. 

Approximately 50.000 women raped> only 15 people have been convicted for wartime rape. The youngest rape victim had 6 years, the oldest 80, even pregnant women were raped. “There were six of them… I had to watch what they did to my daughter and she had to watch what they did to me,” Ana Horvatinec (Vukovar) "They were not Serb volunteers from Serbia and cetniks, but Serbs from Vukovar with whom I shared both good and evil", said one raped woman. They still live in Vukovar and receive our pensions. In Croatia, over 100,000 aggressors (soldiers) receive pensions! (source
The youngest victim in Ovčara was the 15 year old Igor Kačić, killed by his Serbian neighbour Đorđe Šošić in the most brutal way (source). Manda Matić, sickly beaten and raped in a Serbian concentration camp, falsely accused by Serbs of being a war criminal while Croatia's communists didn't even acknowledge her as a homeland defender. (source)

Eva Šegarić (Škabrnja); lost her eye in World War II. In the Homeland War, the cetniks killed her three sons and her husband (source)
Kata Šoljić (Vukovar), born in 1923. After World War II the Partisan authorities killed her four brothers. In the Homeland War, she lost four sons (source)

2018> Franciscans in Vukovar "we want a complete list of victims of the Homeland War". They made a incomplete list of military and civilian victims, with 1.145 names themselves! (source) After 26 years still there is no such documentation, and no wonder when you have cetniks in the police and government.

A present day cetnik employee of PU Vukovar-Srijem who participated in the armed rebellion against the Republic of Croatia, member of "Beli orlovi" carried a cetnik flag through the conquered Vukovar and sang "Slobodan send us salad there will be meat we will slay the Croats" works now in Croatian police> read more

BTW The Serbs (20.000) who fled Croatia during the homeland war and did not want to participate in acts of injustice and cruelty went back to Serbia would not be welcomed with open arms, but were tortured till death, put in camps, tied to trees with a stone around their neck etc. source

Quote from Joseph Stalin; "the devil's on my side, he's a good communist"
Google maps display the mass graves of Tito's communist crimes: click here 

Josip Broz Tito murdered and raped Croatians most than any other nation, and some of his death camps were ran up to 2005 long after his death, killing off more and more his alleged brethren (Tito was jewish).
Quote (1945) Tito "I did not come here to hold a political speech, I came to see how our fighters are destroying that Croatian scum" (Nisam došao ovamo držati politički govor, došao sam vidjeti, kako naši borci, uništavaju taj hrvatski smrad)
Another Tito (1971) quote: The Sava will go upstream before the Croats will ever get their own state (Prije će Sava poteći uzvodno, nego Hrvati dobiti državu)
Being a Serb in Zagreb in 1945 meant having power, quote from antifascist Bogdan Radic
2019 Communist politician Milan Bandić "If Tito woke up now, he would be pleasantly surprised" 
Muslim politician Emir Suljagić, witness of Srebrenica massacre supports Tito's slaughter of Croats (link). Says enough about his intelligence (and religion).
How communists show respect to the victims... click here

Communism is responsible for more than 100 millions deaths in the 20th Century
Watch Bleiburg video here, click! 2019: communist SDP representatives in the City Council of Zadar refused to stand up honoring the victims of the Croatian civilians and soldiers to the victims of Bleiburg, see video here
Renaming patriotism into fascism. Demagoguery, that is how communists defend their sickness.

The communist regime of Yugoslavia cost the Croatian people from 1941 to 1951 some 450.000 murdered civilians and prisoners of war, including 40.000 wounded and over 50.000 killed in battle. Manda Vrljić, mother of 4, killed by the UDBA in 1947 (source).  The locals of Ličko Osik found one of 18 mass graves from 1945. Partisans killed the people taking them from the church two by two says a living witness (source) So far over 1750 mass graves have reportedly been discovered in Croatia. More than 60.000 Croats are killed after WWII by the Yugo regime (source);

  • 10.03.1972, Josip Senić - killed by UDBA because of the struggle for the Croatian state (source)
  • 17.02.1975 UDBA executed Nikica Martinović. He was killed in his own shop in Austria. Killed by Milan Dorić Hamzi (source)
  • 09.10.1981 Ante Kostić, executed in Germany by the UDBA etc

3100 bodies, mostly women and children, found buried alive in Slovenia's tunnels by Tito's partisans. Present day; further digging stopped by the politicans in power. 600 mass graves are found in Slovenia in which 300.000 victims of communist mass killings
From a document of the OZNA (a notorious communist secret police): "Kill priests, peasants, merchants, the rich, their families and their closest associates..." source
In Široki Brijeg, 12 Franciscans were set on fire by partisans. A total of 66 Franciscans were killed in Hercegovina to demoralize the nation source
Jovan Sredojević,  a father, husband and patriot, a Serb loyal to Croatia, killed by the JNA source

Dragica Pavković, tortured and murdered in Šibenik near Široki Brijeg in the late fall of 1947. Witnesses say that in that winter wth those cold days at night the victims were exhausted and naked as they were poured with water several times which would freeze up, asking where they hid their brothers and sisters. Another woman, a young girl, had all her teeth when she was taken. Whe she was shot, she had not a single tooth in her mouth. source  

At the end of May 1946, Tito and his associates embarked on a fifteen day visit to his political mentor Josif Visarinovič. source

(source) UDBA bombing at the restaurant Mostar in Munich, on April 9, 1969
Mirko Ćurić was born on March 5, 1932 in the village of Korita near Tomislavgrad. He emigrated to Germany in April 1957. Like most new-born immigrants, he has been assured of the existence of various difficult physical affairs. When he saved some money, he rented and ran a restaurant in Munich. Curić usually went to his inn at 8 am. That was how it was in the morning of April 9, 1969. This time, at the doorstep, he found a hanged nylon bag with some sort of waste. Without questioning anything suspicious, he tried to get it off the door. But as soon as he touched it, a strong explosion echoed, which destoyed both hands and shattered his stomach. He diedon the same day in the Munich hospital. 

(source) The biggest opium producer was - Yugoslavia. A few years ago, historian Vladan Jovanovic came to a shocking conclusion. Povardarje, and thus Yugoslavia, met 43% of the legal world demand for opium between the two world wars. In his article, The Birth of Balkan Columbia, he also described how the state was involved in the entire smuggling network. Read more at: -

April 12, 1945 Vinkovci - Partisans entered the city and immediately hung 40 respectable intellectuals (source)

Children from the Way of the Cross (Bleiburg Massacre), after their parents' disappearance and ill-treatment, found in the forests of Slovenia and Austria. (source)
May 2018> 'activists' protest protest against commemoration at Bleiburg (source). Communist subhumans... Read article Croatia: Communist Bacteria Fester, click here

Liquidations by the Partisans can not be considered as war crimes - Ante Nobilo, who never seems to have had history lessons